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Monday, 20 March 2017

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Make a personalised Mother's Day gift this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I've got two great ideas for a Mother's Day gift for either mum or a grandmother that are cheap to make and give you a chance to do something crafty with your little one.

An apron

We did actually make this apron for daddy for Christmas but it would make a fantastic Mother's Day present.

What you'll need:


An apron (I bought a white one from eBay for £2.95)
Fabric pens (from eBay for £2.80)
A child to draw on the apron!

First make a template on your cardboard, you can either draw something freehand or use a printer to get the shape you want and then cut out the centre of the shape and tape the template onto the apron.

Next get your child to draw in the shape you've created. My boys are three and two, and I really had to keep an eye on them so they didn't draw all over the place!


I then went round the outside of the shape in black to add definition to it, and also added wording - you can either do this by going freehand, make another template with card or use easy iron transfer paper which you can print on and then iron into the fabric.



You could even draw round your little ones hands on the fabric and add the wording 'best mummy/mum/grandmother hands down'


A candle

My husband got the boys to make me candles for Christmas, they are quick to make, I love mine and they look fab on my fireplace!

What you'll need:


A candle (Most places sell them for a couple of quid)
Felt tip pens
Tissue paper
Wax paper (hubby bought the wax paper and the tissue paper from eBay for around £3)
A willing child to draw on the tissue paper!

Get your child to draw on the tissue paper, you can write a message from your little one, get them to just doodle, or ask them draw a picture of their favourite thing.


Next cut off as much of the excess tissue paper as you can and then wrap the tissue paper tightly around the candle (you can use tape to help hold it in place) with the wax paper on top (wax side down) and then use a hairdryer to heat - the wax will then melt onto the tissue paper and attach it to the candle. Leave to cool and you're done!


Hope this ideas have inspired you to get crafty with your little one this Mother's Day! 


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  1. That candle idea is too cute! I'm a bit late on the Mother's Day wagon but will definitely be trying this for my mother-in-laws birthday in a few weeks. Thanks for the ideas!


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