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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Date night in a jar

Parenting is hard, maintaining a relationship after children is even harder.

We were used to going out for dinner, to the cinema, romantic weekends away - it was just the two of us so we could do what we wanted when we wanted.

Before we knew it we had two children and no time for each other.


We have the added pressure that hubby works away as a long distance lorry driver, and some weeks he only gets one night a week at home.

After seeing the idea on Pinterest, we made our own date night jar - it's filled with dates that we can do at home that doesn't require us to leave the house to have some 'us' time, and it's all using stuff we have at home so it's effectively free!


So here's 10 things that are in our date night jar:

Cook dinner together and eat together

If you're like us trying to have an adult conversation whilst eating with toddlers is near on impossible - so waiting a bit longer to eat will be worth the wait just to be able to talk to each other and not be interrupted!

Look through old photos

Facebook makes this one easy with its 'on this day', so why not sit back and reminisce together with your old photos.

Watch a classic movie

It can be any move you like that you both think is a classic - I think for us it would be either Top Gun or Days of Thunder.

Write out a bucket list

Write down all the things that you want to do/achieve/experience as a couple and family - it can literally include anything so if sky diving is your thing, stick it on the list.

Draw artsy portraits of each other

Now you can choose to do this with or without your clothes, but as it suggests you draw each other, and then have a good laugh at each other's pictures.

Movie night in bed

Grab a movie and go and take yourself to bed, snuggle up together and watch your film.

Finger foods only dinner

Pick foods that are easy to pick up with your fingers like pizza, strawberries, grapes etc and then feed each other - you could close your eyes and try and guess what you're being fed.

TV show marathon 

Binge watch your favourite TV show, or if you're like us catch up with what you've already got recorded.

Pamper each other night

Why not give each other a massage - it's a great way to get close with each other and connect.

Plan your next holiday together

Decide where you want to go, and then get planning!

This is just a small selection of ideas, but the idea is that we dedicate the time to spending it with each other, as it's so easy to get caught up with day to day life and not have any 'us' time.




  1. Love this! Sometimes at yhe end of the day, we're too tired to even think about going out! I like the one about making dunner together! We used to do this...😁

  2. What a great list of ideas! My partner & I are guilty of neglecting 'us' time since having the children. We do try but like you have said it is very hard maintaining a relationship. I think we may have to introduce the jar to our house. Thankyou for sharing. Xx

  3. Such a fab idea, I love it! My hubby and I watch movies and TV shows quite often but that doesn't always mean we're 'connecting' with each other so will definitely try out other ideas too xx


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