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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My boy likes stuff thats for girls - so what?!

So as a mum to two boys, I assumed they'd be into boy things like cars, trains, diggers etc. I hadn't even thought about what to do if they liked girly stuff.

My husband had taken our eldest to our neighbours on Christmas Day, they were watching Frozen on the tv, and he'd started watching it there - when he got back he said 'mummy I need to watch frozen!' So I put it on at home, and then he asked to watch it several times more over the Christmas holidays. 

Then came the Sofia the Princess phase just after he'd started school in January - and it was all he wanted to watch on the tv and it was all he talked about.

I asked him why he liked Sofia, and he said that it was because she was a princess just like me (he does melt my heart somedays with some of the cute things he says - other days he just drives me nuts!)

About a month ago we were stood by the magazines in a shop, and we let the boys pick a magazine that they wanted. Our eldest had gone straight for the Sofia magazine (he'd been desperate for one for weeks, especially as he kept seeing them in the shops!)

He'd caught the eye of an elderly couple, who were quite surprised that a little boy wanted a princess magazine, and they commented about it being a magazine for girls.

My husband doesn't have an issue with our eldest having the girly stuff but openly admits that he felt uncomfortable by their comments because the were being so judgemental.

I didn't care, and I stood my ground - I replied that I didn't teach my boys what's for girls and what's for boys as they'll come to their own realisation when their older.

Our eldest walked out of that shop like a boss with his princess magazine, complete with his free gift which was a makeup set (which he later said that mummy could have).


We are now in a Paw Patrol phase - and his favourite dog is Skye, a little girl dog who wears a lot of pink.

He had some Christmas money to spend (we spent it this month because that's how organised we are), and he chose a Skye cuddly dog - he's obsessed with her, he takes the toy dog to bed, and then brings it down in the morning for breakfast.

Yep there might be some people who think it's wrong to let a little boy watch tv programs and play with toys that are aimed at girls - but do you know what I don't care - as far as I'm concerned he's exploring the world around him and trying to make sense of it and if that includes playing with stuff that's for girls then that's ok with me.

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  1. Good on him. They are only kids. Toys are toys.

    Buddy loved Dora the Explorer when he was small, and Little Miss OMG is happiest when outside rolling around in the muck.

  2. There's still too many people with backwards attitudes out there.

  3. Right hun we are live and kicking on the laptop now. So as ive been trying to say hehe children should just see toys as toys not gender related. Come on lets keep them innocent. My boy loves playing with dollies and prams and I am more then prepared to buy dresses or clip clop shoes for dress up if he asks for them!


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