The week that was! #1


The week didn't get off to the best start - my eldest went to the loo, missed and wee'd all over himself and my bathroom floor! Joy! 


It was the last week of term before the Easter holidays and I made the most of my alone time in the mornings by getting the house ready for our visitors, knitting, blogging and catching up on tv!

I even managed to get my haircut, and have some adult conversation! 

After Easter our routine changes and I'll have my youngest in the morning while my eldest is at school and then swap for the afternoon - it's going to be nice to have some one on one time with them, but I will miss my child free mornings!

I wrote my 10 reasons I'm #rockingmotherhood blog - surprisingly a hard thing to write about as you've actually got to think positive about being a mum.

The weather has been so nice this week, and the sun has been out for the school runs - yay! 



I've let my eldest pay for shopping in the village shop this week, when he was buying the milk he asked the shop assistant whether it was Easter yet - in fact he's been asking all week whether it's Easter yet!


We went to the park with our friends, and found interesting ways to navigate the play equipment.


My youngest has wee'd in the potty several times this week before bath time - woo hoo! He's also been very helpful this week by putting dirty plates back in the cupboard.


Both boys made Easter treats in school this week - they were very pleased with themselves - but neither were willing to share with mummy.

I've done my weekly trip to the lorry yard to go and collect daddy with the boys, and daddy is now off until the day after Easter Monday - yay!

I also wrote Baking with Daddy - the cherry cake that he and the boys made was so nice, and it was so quick and easy to make.

I found a ginger bread house in the cupboard that was still in date! It was meant to be a Christmas Eve activity but it got forgotten about, so I made an Easter bunny house out of it!



Our friends arrived to stay with their children on Saturday - so we've currently got a house full!

We made the most of the Saturday sun and had our first BBQ of the year.

The kids loved the Easter bunny house, it was carnage!



We got to have lots of fun in the sun at the beach on Sunday, the kids loved playing in the sand.




Then we went to the castle and did lots of exploring! But we didn't find any knights or dragons!




We've got lots of fun places lined up to visit this week with our friends, can't wait!

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