The week that was #2


It's been a hectic week with our friends from Cambridgeshire coming to see us this week.

Monday I got to have some retail therapy with my mum friends minus the kids, while the men took the kids on a walk through the woods and to the play park. We took the scenic route back from town so I could show them the stunning Welsh countryside.


We visited Dinefwr Castle in the afternoon, and the kids loved exploring and playing trolls.

The views from the top of the castle were amazing.


It was slightly unnerving though being so exposed at the top with a toddler in tow!


Tuesday we did Cardiff Bay, and spent the morning in Techniquest which was awesome and really hands on which the kids loved. 


After lunch we said farewell to our friends as they were off home.

In the afternoon we took the boys to the Doctor Who experience - one of the staff asked our eldest if he wanted to play with a sonic screw driver and he replied that the screwdriver was a tool not a toy!


If you are visiting Cardiff the Doctor Who experience is definitely worth a visit as it's closing this summer.

I wrote 'My boys likes stuff for girls, so what?!' because I'm getting a bit tired of seeing stuff aimed at just for girls and stuff aimed just for boys.

My eldest has been very sweet this week and shared some of his Easter treats with me, but told me 'mummy don't take a big bite' - my youngest then took the baby wipes to his older brother to clean him up as he was covered in chocolate.

We had a couple of chilled days catching up with jobs around the house, and then our second lot of visitors arrived Thursday night with her little boy.

I wrote a guest blog for Are We Nearly There about our visit to Techniquest in Cardiff (click here to see my guest blog).

We had a trip to the beach on Good Friday, and the boys loved having a beach bundle together in the sand! 


Daddy had another go at flying the kite, but got in a tangle with it.


The weather turned fairly quickly while we were walking back to the cars and we end up getting a bit wet!

I wrote my 'Tried and Tested' blog, I'm so excited about trying some new activities with the boys and new food, especially for my youngest as he's so fussy about what he eats.

We had another trip to Kidwelly Castle (I think we've managed three trips to two different castles in a week!).


Boys absolutely love clambering around, and I pretended to be a scary mummy and chased them around the castle! 


I'd taken my oldest off for a walk around the top part of the castle while my husband had our youngest, once we'd come down our youngest said to his older brother 'I missed you' and gave him a massive hug - they are so cute sometimes.


I got to my goal weight! I set myself the target on 1 January to gain 10 pounds, and I did it!


We decorated Easter egg shaped ginger bread - I gave my eldest the pot of jazzies and he tipped all the contents on top of his egg.



We crashed out on Sunday and had some family time and watched movies together and played with the toy farm.


We've got a quieter week planned for next week, and we've got an exciting package that's hopefully going to arrive!

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  1. Wow! You had a busy week! It must be so fun for the kids to have so many castles nearby. I would've fainted looking over that view from so high up!

  2. What a week! You deserve a sit down. We love a castle too. So refreshing to here someone aiming to gain wait rather than lose it too. Well done you.

    1. Thanks! Its been a long road to get the weight on, so now just trying to maintain it (I'll be posting a blog soon about my weight gain journey!) xx

  3. Wow you have had a very busy week.


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