The week that was #3


It's been a quieter week, and me and the boys have enjoyed chilling out and having play dates with our friends.

We did our usual run to the lorry yard to take daddy to work on Monday night.  His holiday flew by, but the boys and I enjoyed spending some time together as a family.


I've been debating whether our youngest was ready to potty train, and decided to take the leap this week and give it a go to see what happens - he's not ready, he was getting understandably upset by it all so I called a stop to it at the end of day three, so we will leave it a bit longer and try again.

A mystery package came in the post this week! A friend, her husband and two children sent some flowers to say thank you for letting them stay with us last week.


Hopefully everyone got the school place they wanted for their children this week - we had confirmation of our eldest's place at the village school from September - he'll still only be three when he starts and will be there full time! He's currently there part time, and for this new school term his hours have been extended so he can have lunch there - he's very excited as he gets to take his Thomas the Tank lunch set.

Our school routine changes once the boys return to school after the Easter holidays - my eldest will be at school from 9am till 1pm and then my youngest will be in school from 1.10pm to 3.40pm (rather than them both being in school in the mornings - so no more downtime for me for a while!).  

I'm really looking forward to having some one to one time with each of them - I've got lots of activities planned to do with each of them (swimming, soft play, walks etc).

The lovely Laura Bibby from Yogalicious Mama wrote a guest blog for the #bloggertakeover series on the Benefits of Postnatal Yoga.

The boys and I went to the supermarket to grab our top up shop - unfortunately they seemed more interested in the toys than helping mummy. My youngest did manage to sneak in a Paw Patrol cup cake mix in the trolley though.


I did my first vlog on Saturday!

It's all about the projects we are going to be doing over the next few weeks - and it includes the exciting package that I was waiting for from amazon! (our butterfly garden!) I'll be posting updates on how our butterflies and sunflowers are doing over the coming weeks.

I did get quiet excited that I'd managed to upload my vlog to YouTube and had a little celebration dance, and my eldest told me to 'calm down mummy' - nothing like being put in your place by your toddler!

We picked up daddy from work on Saturday morning (being up early, getting two toddlers ready and then driving up the motorway was not my idea of fun on a Saturday morning!)

We took our eldest to a gymnastics club on Saturday so he could have a go and decide whether he likes it or not. He's been doing lots of forward rolls at home and and 'tricks' as he calls them, and daddy has been showing him videos on YouTube of gymnastics which he's really enjoyed watching.


Took him a few minutes to get the confidence to go and join in, and parents aren't allowed in the class - but when he came out he absolutely loved it, and wants to go to his next lesson already! He even got a certificate for good floor work. He told us that he did some bouncing, some walking on a balance beam and some swinging!

We planted our sunflower seeds up, the kits I bought were really easy and quick to use (my two aren't very patient when it comes to doing activities, they want it all be be ready!), so hoping they'll grow.



Think we are about to hit the ground running this week with going back to school and a new routine - best make sure I drink lots of tea to get through to Friday!

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  1. Wow you have been a very busy bee 🐝 You deserve a medal #supermum! Xx

  2. That was a quite busy week. You did a lot. Well done

  3. Sounds like a productive week! I'm going to try my hand at vlogging this week - I watched yours and enjoyed it so thinking I've just got to take the plunge now! Wish me luck :)

  4. That's one busy week you've had Hayley! I love the vlog too - you didn't sound like it was your first, quite the opposite - you sounded very confident! Good luck with the sunflowers and the butterfly set which we had before, it's really great to watch them grow! xx


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