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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tried and tested!


Very excited about my new blog series - tried and tested!

I absolutely love Pinterest, and I've also got books filled with ideas of food to make, activities to do and craft projects.


I love the recipe cards you get at the supermarket and the magazine with all the lovely food ideas.

I run through the books and mark the pages with the stuff I like the sound of, I've got a whole Pinterest board filled with ways to trick my toddler into eating some veg.


I've only managed to make a personalised tshirt and apron for daddy for Christmas with the boys that I found on Pinterest (see Mothers Day Gift Ideas on how to make them).

So I've set myself the mission to try some of the stuff on my Pinterest board, try the stuff I've marked in my books, and the recipe cards/magazines that I've picked up from the supermarket and then I'm going blog about it!

So I'll be telling you how easy it was, whether it was quick to make, where I managed to get the materials from to make the project and how much it cost, how long it took for us to do.

If it's food we are making I'll let you know whether the boys liked it or not (my youngest is really fussy when it comes to food).

First on the list is banana and orange toddler oaty bars.

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  1. How did the banana and orange oaty bars go? I've been looking for a grab & go snack that isn't wrapped in celophane lol!

    1. I'm going to be writing the blog for the oaty bars in the next few days 🙂


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