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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Moving house with toddlers


We took the massive decision to move home last year.

In August we packed up our house and two toddlers (they were then aged almost three and almost two) and we moved.

But we didn't just move down the road, we moved across the country from Cambridgeshire to Wales.

I wanted to share with you how we made the move across country and some tips if you're moving house soon with your little ones:

Visit the house

Before you move in, try and visit the house with your children.  We took our boys twice to see the house we were moving into, and let them pick their bedroom and it gave them an opportunity to ask questions.  When we came to move in they already knew that it was their new home, and where things were like the kitchen, their bedroom etc.


So the boys understood that we were moving, we let them watch us pack boxes. We didn't completely pack their bedroom up, we left their favourite toys and books out so it wasn't too much for them at once and so that they still had familiar things around them.


Our oldest did ask a few times where certain items had gone, and we had to remind him that they were in a box all ready to go to our new house.

The night before the move

The night before we moved we gave them a each a back pack and asked them to put the toys in they wanted to play with at the new house, and explained the rest of the toys were going into the removal lorry.

I packed an overnight bag (as we were having to stay in a hotel) and also a bag that was filled with plenty of drinks and snacks for the six hour journey ahead for both me and the boys.

Moving day - part one!

The day we moved we got the boys up, had breakfast and let them watch the removal men starting to load the lorry.

Me and the boys then made our journey across country to our new home - the boys watched a Thomas the Tank DVD, and I listened to some old school tunes (some 90's classics!)

Hubby was left at our old house to see our stuff onto the lorry, and pack the last minute bits and pieces and label the essential items we would need at the other end such as ours and the boys bedding.

I made one stop off for me and the boys to stretch our legs, go to the loo and grab some lunch.

We had to make another stop to go and grab the keys for our new house, so taking two toddlers and navigating on foot with google maps to go and get the keys was good fun.


As it was a two day move our stuff wasn't going to arrive until the next day, but we went to the house and had our first dinner there (I made a super quick pasta and pesto), had a quick clean and let the boys chill out in the new house before we headed to the hotel for the night.


Moving day - part two!

We arrived at the house early so we could have breakfast and be ready for the removal lorry arriving at 9.30am.

Unfortunately the removal lorry broke down early that morning on the Severn Bridge, and after a long wait it finally arrived with us at 6.30pm.

I was relieved that I'd packed extra snacks for the boys, and that they also had their back packs with their toys in to keep them entertained.


While we were waiting it gave us the chance to let the boys get settled in the new house, and explore on their own, we went for a walk, and went to the supermarket to buy pizza - we also had to buy a pizza tray as ours was in a box on the lorry!

Once our stuff was unloaded hubby got the boys to bed while I made a start on with the mammoth task of unpacking.

I think keeping the boys involved in the move, and letting them see what was happening helped them to understand what was going on and settle in their new home.

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