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Thursday, 25 May 2017

My weight gain battle


I see so many blogs about people trying to lose weight but what do you do when you're trying to go the other way and you trying to gain weight. 

I've been overweight and underweight in my lifetime.

Me in 2001

Me in 2008

However when I had my hysterectomy the weight just flew off me, and kept coming off.

Since 1 January I've been trying to gain weight and keep it on.

I wasn't under weight, but I was gradually loosing weight, and I decided to do something about it.

I'm not going to lie, I have a bad relationship with food - but it's stemmed from anxiety.


When I'm in flare with my ME/CFS the fatigue makes me feel sick, which then in turn makes me not want to eat as I have a fear of being sick - it's a vicious circle.

The NHS website says I should weigh between 8 stone 3 pounds and 11 stone 2 pounds for my height.

When I started my weight gain journey I weighed 8 stone 7 pounds with a BMI of 19.2 and my target to gain was 10 pounds.

I have hit my 10 pound target, and then had a flare so I dropped a few pounds, and I've now regained the pounds.

It would be quite easy to just sit and eat cake and chocolate to gain the weight - but that's not any good for my body.

Instead I've had to really look at what I'm eating, the quantity and quality of my food. So making sure I get protein, carbs, veg etc throughout the day.

I work on the basis that any food is better than no food when I'm in flare - so if that means toast for dinner that's what I'll eat, because something is better than nothing.

It's not an easy ride, and my challenge now is to keep the weight on and maintain it.

So I'll be writing about my weight gain/maintain in my 'Week that was' blog every week.

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  1. I have to admit that this is something I've never struggled with. However, I am very interested in the connection you made between your flare-ups/being unwell & dropping weight. When I was at my thinnest, I was suffering with depression, had no appetite & found solace only in running. The weight fell off. Now I have a mental connection with losing weight & being unwell. If I explored that further, I suspect that is the reason I tend to carry extra weight...


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