The week that was #4


Well the boys returned to school this week and have adjusted to the new routine really quickly - it's not taken them long to realise that they are getting one on one time with mummy!

I'm now splitting the school run with another mum - we both read the guest article by Michelle Reeves Coaching that featured on This Welsh Mother's website on Six Habits Successful People Should Start Today and agreed to collaborate for the school runs - so in the mornings she comes and picks my eldest up, and then I pick her little boy up after school - it's working brilliantly as the morning run really works for her, and the afternoon pick up really works for me.

Our car is making some interesting noises and after a visit to the garage its going to cost a fortune to fix! The clutch and fly wheel need replacing.

The guy at the garage asked 'would you like me to explain the problem to your husband'  - that went down like a lead balloon.  I think I'm more than capable of explaining what's happened thanks!

Thankfully we can still drive the car so we are shopping round for parts and someone to fit them - as I won't be using that garage!

I've been full of cold this week, literally my nose has been streaming since Wednesday - no sick days for mums, you can't call in sick - I've just had to plough on with my box of Kleenex.

My eldest has had his booster jabs this week.

I decided to be up front and honest with him about what was going to happen with the nurse (we watched some youtube videos) I've found he copes much better with situations if he knows in advance what's happening - and like the trooper he is, he coped brilliantly. He watched the nurse put the needles in his arms and looked up at her and said 'that's a bit ouchy'.

We did some lazy baking on Friday, packet mixes are great to do with kids as it's instant baking (and it's exactly the type of baking my two boys love!). 


The value cake mix is only 25p! and I added chocolate chips to it so it wasn't just a plain cake.


My eldest really enjoyed doing the Paw Patrol mix (the youngest had managed to sneak it in the trolley the week before!).



The only problem is the finished result didn't resemble what was pictured on the packet! 


And we didn't end up with any gingerbread as the mix was out of date - so my lazy baking turned into a bit of a disaster! 

The only cake that looked remotely edible was the value one!


Saturday was a manic day, gymnastics with our eldest, I went to a baby sling meeting (I'll be blogging about that soon), hubby built a trampoline for a friend and then it was BBQ time with friends.

I was the BBQ chef - the vegetarian cooked the meat!


I was absolutely thrilled to take part in the #WonderMamaTribe tribe interview series with That Butterfly Effect this week (check out my interview here).

We've also been busy looking after our sunflowers, the boys have been watering them and checking them each day to see how much they've grown.




Our caterpillars haven't arrived yet, they were despatched on Friday, so hoping they arrive on Tuesday.

There will be a vlog update Saturday with how our caterpillars and sunflowers are doing - make sure you're following me on Facebook, Instagram or my YouTube channel to get updates!

Did you miss any of this weeks Blog posts?!

Dancing, rugby, running, horses and a whole load of other stuff!!

Making mum friends - after having my eldest I was thrown completely out of my comfort zone and once hubby had returned to work I sat and thought 'now what do I do?!'

Looking for a quick snack for your little ones with only three ingredients?!


  1. Well done on the calm approach to the booster injections - I think that's the way to go! Your cake looks amazing - I wish I could bake 🙈

  2. What a week! The baking endeavours just remind me that it happens to all of us - the expectation vs. reality! I think the Paw Patrol cakes turned out just fine - bespoke! 😉


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