The week that was #5


Well my self hosting hasn't gone to plan so we are back on blog spot - it's a work in progress as it should have been a simple URL redirect and now I'm going to have to build a website - so watch this space!!

This week I wrote a guest post for Musing Mum on Why I Want To Give My Kids Free Choice.  There are some big decisions in my kids’ life that I want them to decide for themselves.

The good news is that the car isn't broken! No idea what the strange noise was, but it's not doing it anymore, and after a quick google as to how to check if your clutch is on its way out and then testing the car, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Our caterpillars arrived on Tuesday (and survived the bank holiday weekend in the post room!). My youngest was very excited and asked me to get the caterpillars out of the pot so he could play with them.



My eldest loved helping me grab some bits from the coop this week, he's definitely a mummys little helper, and pulls the basket round for me, helps find the things we need and puts them in the basket for me.  While we were there we bumped into his old nursery keyworker! So it was lovely for him to catch up with her.


My youngest had his Sports Day this week at Parc Y Scarlets - we got to go on a bus ride which he was so excited about.


Sports day was a bit emotional for him though, and when it was his turn to race he had a sit down protest straight off the start line.  I was on the finish line encouraging him to run towards me, but he wasn't having any of it.


He did get a medal, which he was uber chuffed with - and it was lovely to see that all the children who took part got medals.


I think my youngest wants to be a stunt man when he grows up - he managed to fall from the top of the stairs to two thirds of the way down, cried for about a minute and then told me it was story time - I of course checked him over before we had story time, and he was completely unhurt - hard as nails my boy, but very lucky too as he didn't hurt himself.

I baked again this week - and there wasn't a packet mix in sight! I made a banana loaf and chocolate chip cupcakes.


My mum and dad arrived on Thursday, I'm so excited as I've not seen them since February!

I sat with my mum Thursday night with a cuppa and cake and we had a good ole catch up.

Friday I found some bargains in poundworld (I do love a pound shop) and I treated myself to some headbands, short hair means I can't do much with it, so I thought some headbands would make a nice change.


I had a very quiet Saturday and Sunday, and took some timeout for myself, I did way to much in the week and as a result I end up feeling fairly rough - for those who don't know I have ME/CFS and some other health issues, so overdoing it makes me feel fairly shitty.

As the week has passed we've seen the caterpillars double in size, they are huge! I showed them to my youngest at the weekend and he wandered off with the pot, put them in his toy car and took them for a ride - I did rescue them very quickly but he does seem fairly besotted with them.



Our sunflowers are doing really well too - we are probably going to have to separate them so they're aren't as many in a pot.




Did you miss any of this weeks blogs?!

Sunflowers and caterpillars update

Last year we relocated from Cambridgeshire to Wales with two toddlers, it wasn't quite as straight forward as we expected.

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