The week that was # 6


We've had yet another busy week this week! And it's funny because I always start the week thinking we won't end up doing much, and I won't have much to write about, and then we end up doing loads!

I had a play date with friend on Monday with my youngest, followed by a lovely little walk in the woods with my oldest in the afternoon. We saw lots of butterflies and he loved pointing out all of the different colours of the flowers.




As the warmer weather has arrived my mum and I took my youngest shopping to buy some shorts for his older brother, he had other ideas and decided to ask me to buy a bra.


We took him to the cafe for a treat to have a drink and a snack (and cake and tea for us!).

I got to attend my first ever PTA meeting this week! Very excited as we are now organising a summer fete to mark the closure of the school, as in September the teachers and pupils move over to their new school.

My parents and I took my oldest to a little independent toy shop, it was full of wooden toys, he seemed quite taken with the wooden crane.  



There was a little cafe there too, so we treated him to a drink and snack.  A lady who was in the cafe commented on what lovely manners he had as I'd asked him a question and he replied 'no thank you mummy', which she'd heard.

My youngest and I went to a parent and toddler play group - we'd not been able to go for a while because of the boys doing mornings in school, but now my youngest is doing the afternoons we were able to go back this week.


It was nice to watch him go and play and be able to have a cuppa and some adult conversation for a couple of hours.


Saturday night we had dinner at a friends house - as I'm a vegetarian the host had made me veggie lasagne with aubergine - it was amazing!  We had some fun with the some glow sticks too!

Sunday afternoon I went out with my mum.  We don't get to spend as much time as we used to together since we relocated to Wales last year.

We went for a wander round The Range, and then a garden centre and finally for a cuppa (and cake!).


Our caterpillars have migrated to the top of their pot, and are now starting to build cocoons around themselves.


The sunflowers are doing really well, I am definitely going to have to think about splitting them this week.


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