The week that was #7


So this week started with a trip to the doctors with my eldest. He'd been gagging on food and I decided to get him checked as it was getting quite scary to watch.

The doctor advised that he had mucus at the back of his throat which was what was making him gag. He said he was fine to return to school etc and that it would sort itself out.

Having been given the all clear we went to the after school club in the village, and the boys played with all of the bigger kids and ran about like nutters for an hour.

My eldest returned to school on Tuesday - I then had a call from his teacher to say that he'd been gagging on his food at lunch time. I picked him up from school and he seemed fine.

He then sat and ate his dinner this evening and was sick everywhere with no warning - all over me, himself and the floor - I think as he put a mouthful of food in, he just hit his gag reflex which made him vomit - I'm so thankful my mum was here as I don't do sick.

The worst part of motherhood is seeing you child unwell.

My eldest even apologised for being sick and offered to help clear it up.

After a quiet day at home he returned to school on the Thursday and was fine, ate all of his food with no gagging and his healthy appetite has returned.


Being poorly has made him regress with his toileting - so we are trying to build his confidence up again to use the toilet.

This week my youngest has taken to having sit down protests when he doesn't want to do something.  So me holding his hand to cross the road ended with a sit down protest on the other side and a refusal to walk to school.


After I'd done my switch of children at the school gate on Thursday I was chatting to a friend, and we both turned to see three donkeys running towards us!  I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't seeing things!


My friend took the boys (my eldest and my other friends little boy who I share the school runs with) and put them in her car. 

We then assisted to get the donkeys off the main road and into someone's front garden so they were safe until the police turned up to locate their owners.


Not everyday you see donkeys running down the road on the school run!

We've had a quiet weekend, I think after the week I've had I needed some chill time!

We did take the boys to B & Q as we needed a new shower pipe as ours had broken and the boys loved having their own baskets to run around the shop with.


I enjoyed Sunday cuddles in bed with my boys - it's the best part of the weekend!


Daddy gave the boys a haircut too at the weekend.


Our caterpillars have turned into chrysalis! So we've transferred them over to their new home!


The sunflowers are continuing to grow, but I've not had time to split them down to separate pots - so hopefully I'll find the time this week!


Did you miss any of this weeks blogs?!

No added sugar Muffins, and my vegetable hater ate them!!!

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