The week that was #8


Yet another busy week in the R-D household!

I took my youngest to a Gymnastics session at our local
Gymnastics club - he loved having a go on the trampoline, rolling the big ball around and even had a little go at swinging on a bar (but wasn't overly keen).



The car has been to garage yet again - the noise that disappeared came back - so it's all booked in to be sorted out over half term week.

I baked again this week! Well I made packet mix bread! But would definitely recommend the Asda bread mixes, it was quick to do and really tasty.


I've been working on the toilet training with my eldest (after he'd relapsed from being poorly) and I've cracked it! I've had to bribe my child with ice cream, but he's now back being super confident on the loo!

I took my eldest to have a picture taken in his school uniform as he'd missed out on school photos, we had to wait for the lady to be free but he enjoyed a spot of people watching while we waited.  We found a bench to sit on - he was quite happy to sit and eat his snack and watch everyone go about their business.  


I took my youngest later on in the week to have his picture taken too - have to say the lady in the shop worked her magic with him as he point black refused to sit in the chair - but after two minutes she had him sitting in the chair posing!

We've now got some lovely pictures of the boys - both looking very grown up.

We were treated to a butterfly show at breakfast on Thursday morning - we managed to capture a butterfly emerging (check out the link below to watch our video!).


We went for a walk in the woods with grandma after dinner - the boys loved pointing at all the flowers and butterflies.


We had the most epic thunder storm on Friday night - constant thunder and lighting for almost an hour - and the boys slept through the whole thing!! 

I went and had my hair cut Saturday morning - wore a summer dress because it had been really hot, as I walked back to the car afterwards the wind caught my dress and I flashed the passers by my pants! Just glad I was wearing good pants!


Saturday afternoon we released our butterflies, the boys were very sad to see them go, but waved them goodbye. My eldest has asked if we can get some more baby caterpillars to make baby butterflies.




Sunday morning my parents left to go home - I never like saying goodbye.

We took the boys to Go Outdoors as daddy needed some new trainers - my eldest found himself a bed and a horse to talk to!



I've still not split our sunflowers down, somehow I've not managed to find the time again.

I've gained a small amount of weight this week, my total gain from 1 January is 11.8 pounds - so I'm now going to be working hard to maintain my weight now.

Did you miss any of this weeks blog posts?!

I see so many blogs about people trying to loose weight - but what happens when you're trying to gain weight and keep it on?

We were very lucky to be able to capture this on video.

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