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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Tried and tested - butterfly garden

We've just released our butterflies from our Insect Lore butterfly garden.

I have to say this was a fantastic project to do with my two boys, who at almost four and three were totally enthusiastic about this having read The Hungry Caterpillar lots of times.

I bought out Insect Lore butterfly garden kit from amazon for £14.60 which included the post and packaging.


Our kit arrived with the voucher inside to send for our caterpillars, and we were able to pick what date the caterpillars were despatched. We did have to pay an additional £2.99 to cover the post and packaging.

The day finally came and our caterpillars arrived, the boys were so excited - my youngest wanted to open the pot to play with them.


Over the next 13 days we watched them grow, and they became huge.



On day 14 they migrated to the top of their cup and built their chrysalis.


We then transferred them to their stand and housing and the wait began for the them to emerge as butterflies.


Nine days after going into their chrysalis our first butterfly emerged. A few hours before the butterfly emerged the chrysalis darkend and we could see the pattern of the butterfly's wings.



And the following day we had a butterfly show at breakfast and watched the remaining four emerge - we even managed to capture one of them emerging on video and you can see the video here.



We then gave our butterflies some flowers and bush to land on and also some sugar water solution.


We observed our butterflies for two days and then released them.

The boys were very excited to see them fly away, but were also really sad.  My eldest has asked if we can get some more baby caterpillars.




Here's my tried and tested score:


This was a fantastic way for the boys to watch nature, and I would definitely recommend one of these kits to anyone with children - perfect project for the school summer holidays.

If you're doing a buttterfly garden we'd love to see your pictures - use our hashtag #wingingitwithtwoboys so we can follow your caterpillars progress.


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  1. Such a brilliant post- what a lovely way to bring The Very Hungry Caterpillar to life! Awesome! #Wondermamatribe


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