The week that was #10


We hit the ground running this week with the boys returning to school, and had another busy week!

Our week started with a trip to Gymnastics with my youngest and a friend and her little one.

There was some swinging, a little bit of walking on the balance beam, followed by sitting on it and then getting covered in chalk dust! 




Our friend was still without her car at the start of the week, so we took her shopping - something my eldest really enjoyed doing.

I took my youngest to the parent and toddler group that we go to on Wednesday - he absolutely loves it there, and so do I as I as the volunteers are so friendly, helpful and really hands on with the kids.


My eldest has had two play dates this week with his friend from school, which he was so excited about - and it meant that I got to have a cuppa and a chat with his mum while the boys played.


Both boys were excited to show me the 'new woods' as my eldest refers to them - on our way to the school for the PTA meeting - it's a lovely little walk, which is also quite a nice shortcut.


I chaired my first PTA meeting this week - and I'm so excited about all the events we are going to be doing to raise money for the school.

We even got a guided tour of the new school! And got to wear hard hats and hi vis jackets.  The new school is going to be amazing when it's finished and I'm eagerly waiting for it to be completed.


We did have a chill out day this week, as by Thursday I needed some down time - I slept in that day too - so glad I set a back up alarm otherwise we wouldn't have been up when when my friend came to collect my eldest for the school run!

The boys have bought their cards for daddy for Father's Day this week - but my eldest can no longer keep a secret and has tried to tell daddy all about the card he has bought for him.

On Saturday we were able to watch our eldest in his gymnastics class - it was so exciting to watch and we were amazed at the strength he had on the parallel bars.


We went to open farm Sunday, a fantastic annual event where farms open their gates to the public and allow free entry on their farm to educate the public about farming etc.

The boys got to have a go at duck racing, looked at some tractors, and loved looking at all of the animals.



Our youngest was adamant that the Alpacas were Donkeys though.



We were able to go on a tractor ride, and learnt all about how the farm worked.



Hubby's car failed its MOT, its booked next week to be fixed and re tested so it has meant I've had to do the work run this week (but I did get to have a sit in his new lorry).


I'm very happy to say that I gained 2 pounds this week!

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