The week that was #9


It's been a quiet half term week as the car has been to the garage to have its clutch and fly wheel replaced.  Unfortunately the garage found additional problems with the car which have had to be fixed too - but I'm pleased to say it's back on the road and is running so much better.

This has meant two bus trips for the boys (one to get back to our village and the other to go and collect the car). They absolutely loved it and brought their toys along for the ride too.



When we picked the car up the garage were very nice and gave us a free car wash voucher - both boys were fascinated that the car was moving through the car wash without mummy driving the car!

We took advantage of being without a car and had some chill out time this week - the boys played lots of imagination games together, the favourite game was playing Thomas the Tank together.


We helped a friend this week and took her food shopping - my eldest rode in her trolley and enjoyed pointing all the things out that he liked in the shop.

We collected daddy from work on Friday and we were very excited to see he's got a new lorry - our youngest had to have a sit in the lorry to make sure it was ok for daddy to drive!


Just after dinner on Friday we had one of the election candidates call at our door - my youngest took great pleasure in announcing to her that his big brother had done a poo! Thankfully she saw the funny side.

Our eldest went to gymnastics Saturday morning and I'm so excited as we are allowed in next week to watch!

I had some ripe bananas that needed using so I baked a banana cake -I will post the recipie for this soon as it's so quick to make and really yummy, hubby and the boys love it.


We bought a cheap little run around for my hubby to use to go backwards and forward to work - I'm so happy as I don't have to do the work run (it really wasn't helping my ME/CFS) and it means we are now going to get a bit more family time. 


We had fun out in the garden, and enjoyed the sunshine on Saturday evening.



On Sunday daddy helped our eldest make his school project - a beach box. Quite impressive I think.

The sunflowers are looking worse for wear, and I'm now trying to revive them, I don't think I'm cut out to be a gardener.

I've lost weight this week too, I was expecting it as my ME/CFS hasn't been good - I'm hoping to regain the pound I lost this week.

Did you miss any of this weeks blog posts?!

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