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Sunday, 23 July 2017



Being a mum to two boys with a small age gap (13 months) seems to attract attention - the comments even started while  I was pregnant - here's just a few of the things people have said:

Are you sure there's only one baby in there?

I had this with both of my pregnancies as I was huge! Way to go to make a pregnant woman feel good about herself!

You're brave!

It's seems to be the older generation that say this to me, while I'm in the supermarket, it's generally then followed with ......

Well you've got your hands full

I always smile politely and reply with 'yes they are hard work, but so worth it' they then add .......

Oh are they twins?

I get this a lot, with a 13 month age gap, they are almost the same height so I can see why people think that they are twins - occasionally it gets followed with .......

Are you sure?

Yep, definitely had two pregnancies, and two deliveries!

So you're kids are veggie then?

I'm a vegetarian, and have been for 14 years.

My children aren't vegetarian, and when I tell people this they are always surprised.

They eat meat and meat substitute - I'll let them decide when they're bigger whether they want to be veggie or not - in the meantime it makes meal times and going out to eat so much easier, as they'll eat either.

Do you not wish you'd had one of each?

Errrrrr no! Perfectly happy that I've got two healthy kids thanks! Besides having two of the same sex has its advantages, like the youngest gets all of the clothes that the oldest has grown out of!

I'd love to hear whether you've had anyone say anything to you and you've just thought - really?!


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  1. My older brother and I have a 13 month age gap and people constantly asked if we were twins, even when we were at school. It didn't help that one time two years were in the same class.


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