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Monday, 14 August 2017

Our wedding on a budget

It's our seventh wedding anniversary next month and our wedding was done on a tight budget - we spent a total of £3,500! 

Here's what we did to keep the cost down:

Registry Office Ceremony

We married at our local registry office, and arranged it so our ceremony was the last of the day at 3pm (so that we could get away without having a sit down wedding breakfast, and just have one buffet for everyone).

Wedding reception venue

We used the village hall in the village where we lived, we were able to get a discount too. We decorated the hall ourselves the night before, we hired linen for the tables, and bought table confetti etc from eBay, and had balloon decorations made by a local company for a small cost.

We had a banner made online which we displayed on the inside of the village hall so guests knew they'd come to the right venue.

We put together a slide show of pictures of us and we were able to use the projector in the hall to share our photos with our guests.

We made a chest for guests to place cards in, and filled a glass bowl with packets love hearts as wedding favours.

We were also able to walk home on our wedding night which saved us having to pay for a hotel.

Our outfits

Hubby's outfit was a suit he already owned, we bought a white shirt, shoes and a tie to match the colour scheme.

My dress came from a pop up wedding dress shop, and was in the sale. My shoes came from BHS, and I paid a local hairdresser to do my hair and I did my own make up.


We didn't hire a professional photographer, we asked hubbys brother to take some 'official' photos with family etc, we also got some fantastic pictures that friends had taken on the day too.


We created our own invitations on our computer, and bought some high quality paper to print them on.  We hand delivered as many invitations as we could to save on postage.

The wedding car

We had a gorgeous red Rolls Royce as our wedding car, a friend knew the owner and managed to get us a discounted price.


My bouquet came from eBay, and I bought a bouquet for throwing too. My mum bought the button holes from a craft shop for next to nothing.


This was our only lavish expense, as this was the one thing we would take away from our wedding and see everyday.  Hubby had a custom made ring made from titanium with the date of our wedding running around the band. I had a 18ct yellow gold ring with diamonds.

Wedding cake

We bought pre iced cakes from a supermarket and my mum and dad bought chocolates from a chocolate shop outlet and the butterflies came from a local haberdashery shop.  

We also bought chocolate cupcakes from the supermarket and edible glitter from eBay to decorate all the cakes with.  We hired the cake stands to display them on which helped to keep the cost down.


We paid to have one buffet in the evening which helped us save loads of money.

We had an outside bar, and just had to cover the cost of the licence and a first drink for everyone.  We made our own tea, coffee and squash station too as we knew a number of our relatives would want a cuppa throughout the wedding festivities.


We hired a local DJ and had a disco and karaoke.  We didn't do a 'traditional' first dance either - check out the video below!

Our wedding was done on a shoestring budget, as for us it was about getting married not having a lavish party that we couldn't afford.

We both had an amazing day, which went far too quickly.

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  1. So sensible keeping costs down, we'd do the same if we ever justified getting married in the first place!

    1. eBay was definitely my saviour for our big day, saved us so much money!!


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