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Friday, 20 October 2017

And then there were two

When I fell pregnant with our second, my eldest was only four months old.

In all honesty we didn't expect to fall pregnant that quickly as it had taken us ten months to conceive our eldest.

As we slowly edged towards our second child being born we had to think of ways to help our eldest cope with his brothers arrival.

We did a lot of reading up as to what other parents had done when bringing another child home.

We decided to get our eldest a gift from his little brother, and on the day we came home with our youngest, we gave our eldest the gift his brother had bought him.

We transferred our eldest into his toddler bed and dismantled the cot whilst out youngest was still in the Moses basket - this was so our eldest didn't feel he was being pushed out of his bed.  So when it came the time for our youngest to move into the cot, our eldest had already settled into his toddler bed.

We let our eldest get involved in picking out clothes for his younger brother. 

We encouraged him to pass us nappies etc when it came to changing his brothers nappy.

We let him help bottle feed his brother, which he loved.

I think what was really important to us was making sure our eldest didn't feel pushed out with his brothers arrival, so we got him involved in as much as we could.

Now they have such a strong bond, and our eldest still loves helping take care of his little brother.

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