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Friday, 24 November 2017

Elf on the shelf ideas

We started our Elf on the Shelf last year with the boys, and they absolutely loved it.  We start our Elf off doing mischievous things around the house on 1st December (so coming up with something different for the elf to do every day is challenging!).

Here’s my top 10 favourite with our Elf, Fred, from last year.

Door arrival

The day before our elf arrives the door arrives for him to come through.  

Advent calendar

Our Elf brings the advent calendar for the boys and also our blackboard counting down how many sleeps there are until Christmas.

Bubble bath

Fred took a cheeky bath in my slow cooker!

King Fred

Fred sat on his throne made of Duplo.


Fred decided that the car needed ‘fixing’


Fred had a few issues with the plasters.

Christmas trees

Fred took a liking to my mini Christmas trees.


Fred decided to father Thomas the Tank and his Friends for a photo shoot.


Fred borrowed one for daddy’s socks to us it as a sleeping bag.


Some last minute toy making for Santa.

Banister slide

Very mischievous Elf!

Christmas Eve Box

Our Christmas Eve box filled with lots of fun things for the boys to do.

This year we’ve got our new Elf, Barney joining us.

I’m sure the boys can’t wait to see what mischief Fred and Barney create together this year.

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