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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Our Christmas on a Budget

Since having children, we have had to cut back with how much we spent on each other at Christmas. 

So we agreed to a spend limit, with a twist -  buy as much as you could for the other person without going a penny over the budget. 

The first year we did this we agreed to a £5 limit, and then in subsequent years we have had a £10 limit. So I spend £10 on hubby, and so do each of the boys (total spend £30).

Having such a small budget forced us to be a bit more imaginative with what we have bought for each other, and has made us get creative and make each other gifts.

Savvy shopping online, watching countless You Tube videos on how to make something and Pinterest pins have meant that we have been able to give each other gifts with a bit more thought on a budget.

Heres some examples of what we have bought and made for each other, over the last few years.

Last year the boys made a t-shirt and an apron for daddy, and I recevied home made candles from the boys.

Click here for my blog post on how to make these.

This year we have decided to up the stakes, keep the £10 spend limit BUT set a theme to the present we are buying, which will be picked at random from a hat without the other person seeing.  So far the themes we have are light, sparkle, green, square, funny, romantic and practical.  I would love to hear any suggestions you have for a theme? 

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