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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Potty Training Truths

There’s a lot of stuff that Parenting books don’t tell you - they seem to sugar coat everything and make you believe that your parenting journey is going to be this easy amazing experience if you follow their full proof plans on how to get stuff done with your children.

Let’s take potty training as an example.

I’m in the process of potty training child number two.

My experience with my first child was horrendous, and despite following the book to the letter he didn’t potty train in the week that the book promised - it took far longer.

My experience of potty training wasn’t the angelic child sat on or by the potty smiling as pictured on the book - mine was my child face down on the floor screaming by the potty.

My book assumed that you have a vaguely compliant child who by the end of the week is confident at using the potty and happy to do so.  

It didn’t cover what to do with a strong willed/stubborn child, which is what I was faced with when I potty trained my eldest, and what I’m now facing with my youngest (although he’s perhaps not quite so bad as his older brother).

No amount of sweets or bribes, as the books suggested helped with my eldest (and most of the time my youngest isn’t swayed with the promise of bribes either).

It’s hard not to feel like a failure when your child doesn’t potty train as easily as the book says it is - being a mum is hard enough without the pressure you then add to yourself and your child because of this so called full proof plan.

My advice for potty training - don’t waste your money on the books, it doesn’t happen in a week (unless you’re very lucky), your child will test you, go with the flow, and make sure you drink lots of caffeine because you’re going to need the stamina of a racehorse to get through it.

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