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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Technology and my kids

My eldest is four years old and my youngest is three years old and up until now my two boys have had very limited access to a tablet device.  

When they have had access its been as a bribe to get them to sit on the potty, or sit still for a hair cut.

I have now just set up mine and my husbands old kindles for them to use in the 'Kindle Free Time' app, which is a parental control tool, and they have limited access to what games I will allow them to play (the cBeebies app is fantasic as there are lots of games for them to choose from which are all educational).

So why now?

Whilst the educational apps can provide another method for children to learn, develop fine motor skills etc - I did not want my children to become hooked on using them them from an early age.

They love playing with their toys, having books read to them, doing colouring and everything that kids should want to do.  They both have such great imaginations and for me they did not need the technology to give them any extra stimulation.

I did not want it to interfere with their interaction with each other, or with me and my husband. Its very easy to get lost in technology and not talk to each other.  

A big part of our family life is having all of our meals at the table where we talk about how our day has gone etc.

Now the eldest is at school full time, they use tablets as a tool for learning in the class room, so the decision for him to use one at home as been based on the fact that he is taught in Welsh at school, and can use the tablet at home to help him learn English, in a fun and interactive way, as he is not actually taught English in school until he is 6 or 7 years old and it will also help to continue to develop his IT skills.

And of course what you do for one you have to do for the other, and my youngest is three going on four - so everything his older brother does he has to do.

They have the tablets as a treat, and do not have them every day, and the time they do have on them is limited.

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