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Monday, 18 December 2017

Our Christmas Traditions

When I was growing up with my brother we had two things we would do on Christmas Eve, and we did them every year without fail.

The first would be to make sure that we watched Santa Claus the Movie on TV because it always used to be shown on Christmas Eve.

The second would be to formulate what we called the ‘Christmas Eve plan’ which was where we basically sat in secret and discussed how we were going to get downstairs to look at the presents once Santa had delivered them, and most importantly what we were going to do so we didn’t get caught by mum and dad sneaking a look at the presents before we were supposed to be up out of bed.

Now that I’m a parent myself I want to try and do some of our own Christmas traditions.

This will be the third year we have a Christmas Eve box and I love making this up for the boys to have some goodies on Christmas Eve.

This year we all have matching pyjamas, it’s the first year that I’ve bought us all pyjamas, but I saw them on eBay and couldn’t resist buying them.

Ive also put in movie for the boys to watch, hot chocolate and Christmas cups for the boys to drink out of, fun Christmas trees for the boys to decorate, a game for us all to play and some reindeer food.

Our elves bring our Christmas Eve box and we spend Christmas Eve at home and do the activities in the box together as a family.  Its a great way to kick start Hubby being off work for Christmas as he works away as a lorry driver through the week, and often because of the hussle and bustle of everyday life we don’t get to spend as much time as we should together as a family.

A few years ago, before we had children I made home-made Christmas crackers, and I decided that as the boys are a bit older this year I would make the crackers again.

I found a reasonably priced kit on eBay.  For a set of six it was £3.50 including the postage and packing.  The kit comes complete with the cracker snaps, ties, jokes and hats.

The crackers for the adults have a scratchcard, a hat, a tiny cracker sized present, but I can’t reveal what the presents are because I want it to be a surprise for those who are getting the crackers!

In the boys crackers they will have a hat, a joke, some chocolate and also a flashing badge that says Santas Little helper.

What ever you’re doing this Christmas I hope that you and your families have a lovely time.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog this year, which is now nine months old!!

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