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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Bella Electric Spiralizer Review

I absolutely love vegetable spaghetti and so does my eldest son (the youngest doesn’t do vegetables), but if you buy them every week it can work out expensive.

We were excited to be sent the Bella Electric Spiralizer to review just before Christmas.

Having spiralised vegetables is an alternative to having pasta and is great if you’re trying to cut your carbohydrates down (or trying to trick your vegetable hating child into eating veggies!)

We decided that the first thing we were going to try with the spiralizer was curly fries.

The spiraliser was quick to set up with clear instructions as to what all of the blades did, how to change the settings etc.

The spiralizer has been designed so that all you have to do is put your vegetable on the green disc which holds it in place and then once you switch it on it brings the blades towards the vegetable and it spriralizes them.

We left the skins on our potatoes and in no time at all the spiralizer had made curly fries.

Our curly fries took about 20-30mins in the oven at 200C and are a great alternative to the shop bought ones that quite often have seasoning on which I personally don’t like.

There are of course lots of other things that you could use the spiralizer for, and the instructions are filled with lots of different recipes for you to try such as courgette spiral carbonara and sweet potato linguine stir fry.

We definitely give this a thumbs up in our house and the boys absolutely loved watching all the vegetables going through the spiralizer.

The Bella Electric Spiralizer is available to buy from Amazon priced at £29.99. 

DISCLAIMER - I was given the product in exchange for my honest review.  This review is my own personal opinion on the product.  The photography unless otherwise stated is my own.

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