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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Eighteen things for 2018

I can’t believe we’re already in 2018, where did the last year go?!

Thank you so much for the tag Chantele from Two Hearts One Roof for 18 things for 2018.

I’ve already written my New Years Resolutions for 2018 and I put five things on the list of things that I really want to achieve by the end of the year.

But there’s so many other things I would like to do by the end of the year.  So here’s my wish list of 18 things for 2018:

Read more
I have so many books on the bookshelf that I haven’t even read yet and I used to do so much reading before I had children.

I really do need to organise the house a bit better and actually sort things out and probably get rid of a load of things

Family time
I’d like to have at least one day a month where we do something as a family but at the moment it’s not always possible due to work and other commitments.

Explore Wales
On August we would have been living here for 2 years, and there’s so many places right on our doorstep that we’ve not event seen yet!

Grow my blog
My blog is a year old in March! I took the leap and went self hosted in November and now I want to grow my blog and social media following this year.

Learn to crochet
I learnt to knit last year, but couldn’t get my head around crochet so I’d like to learn if I can this year.

Knit a big project
So far I’ve been playing it safe with my knitting, by only doing baby hats and other small items - so I’d like to knit a jumper if can.

Go to the beach more
We are only 10 minutes from the beach and we really don’t go there as much as we should

Do more baking/cooking
I love baking and cooking but don’t find the time to really have a go at new recipes.

Walk more
I try and walk the boys to school everyday, but some days I do take the car, so I’d like to try and walk as much as possible

Take the boys to Thomas Land
My boys are bugging me to go to Thomas Land, and I’ve promised them we will go.

Have more patience 
I’ll openly admit I’m not a patient person, anyone who knows me can confirm this.

Self care
I really don’t look after myself, I need to drink more water, and take time out when I need it.

Go to the theatre
I don’t remember the last time I went to the theatre, and it was something I used to love doing.

Train the budgie
We got Rubble in November and I’ve already trained him to fly to my hand, but there’s so many other tricks you can teach them and Rubble seems like quite an intelligent little bird who picks things up quite quickly.

Get through my Netflix watch list
I’ve got stuff on my list that I added two years ago that I’ve still not watched - I really need to do need to sort that out.

Learn plant names
It would be nice to know what a plant is called rather than me dubbing everything a ‘weed’.

Paint my Welsh dresser
I bought a gorgeous Welsh dresser second hand, and I want to upcycle it by painting it and putting new handles on.

That’s my 18 things for 2018 and now I tag Cassie who blogs at Lily’s Little Learners.


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