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Monday, 15 January 2018

Old before my time?

It’s my 38th birthday tomorrow, which means I’m only two years off the big 4 0!

Gone are my days of clubbing, rolling in at 5am and then going out at 8.30am to work (how I did it week after week I’ll never know).

Now my days are filled with school runs, play dates and repeating ‘leave your brother alone’ several times a day.

It’s made me wonder whether you get to a certain age and things you wouldn’t have considered doing or learning when you were younger are suddenly appealing as you get older.

Last year I learnt to knit, something I would have never have considered doing in my 20’s while I was out clubbing - it didn’t seem cool back then.

I’m not the quickest knitter, but I have made a few small items, baby hats, ear warmers etc.

Now I’m learning to sew, what’s happening to me?!

I used to get excited at buying shoes, makeup, clothes - now seeing balls of wool and fat quarters get me excited.

I’ve replaced wine for tea, and I’m more than happy to spend my evenings in my pyjamas and I’ve even been to an antique fair, which I actually found interesting!

May as well just hand me my bus pass and pension book now!


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