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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Tattooed Mama - Lauren from Scrapbook Blog

Welcome to our first Tattooed Mama and Papa interview! so lets kick things off and meet our Tattooed Mama.........................

Tell us about yourself

I'm Lauren,  and I write Scrapbook Blog. I'm married to Sam (who got his first tattoo last year at 29) and we have 2 kids, Athena and Arlo who are 4 and 2.

How many tattoos do you have?


What was the first tattoo you got and why did you have it done ?

A celtic knot with an amethyst in the centre, to celebrate my Irish heritage. I had just turned 18 and didn't really think it through!

If you’ve got more than one tattoo which is your favourite and why?

The two birds on my left wrist, I drew them and love how the tattoo artist got a sketchy feel to it!

How do others react to your tattoos?

I don’t remember any negative reactions, but then I had most of them living in Brighton where it's probably more common to have a tattoo than not have one! My mum was a bit miffed at first but she soon got over it! 

Do you regret any of your tattoos and if so why?

Yes, the Celtic knot I mentioned earlier! Well maybe not regret but if I went back 15 years I'd probably not choose the same thing!

Are you planning on getting anymore tattoos, if yes what are you planning and why?

I'd like something at the nape of my neck above the Ankh I already have, and would love some dots on my fingers now I know finger tattoos don't hurt at all!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your tattoos?

They've all got a specific meaning to me, and because not many people know latin they can't read one of my foot tattoos properly! Oh! Feet tattoos hurt the most I think.  I'm definitely not done with tattoos yet! 

Thank you to Lauren for sharing her tattoos with us, I absolutely love her bird tattoos!  Lauren blogs over on Scrapbook Blog, and you can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Are you a Mama or a Papa with tattoos?! Want to take part in my interview series?!  Then I'd love to hear from you!!



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