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Monday, 19 March 2018

Childhood Tag

Thank you so much to Clare at Freddie’s Mummy for tagging me to take part in this Childhood Tag post, which was created by The Mulberry Bush which sells traditional and innovative toys.

I love taking part in these posts as they give a bit more of an insight into who a blogger is, and I absolutely loved reading Clare’s post.


1. What were you not expecting/not prepared for before becoming a parent? 

I didn’t expect to worry as much as I do - having children is so stressful, and I always worry whether I’m doing the right thing, if they’re happy - this list is endless!

2. What is your main piece of advice for new parents?

It’s your parenting journey, no one else’s - do it the way you want to do it.

3. How do you encourage family time at home?

Hubby works away Monday to Friday as a lorry driver - we always make sure that we have our meals together at the table.

4. How do you balance being a blogger with parental duties? 

I normally write when the boys are at school in the mornings, or when they are in bed.  I don’t work to a blogging schedule (I used to and it just became unrealistic with trying to wrangle two children), so there’s no pressure with blog posts, I just post as and when I have one.

5. What was your favourite toy growing up?

I loved my bike, I remember I used to spend most of my summers on my bike - I also loved my teddies (I’ve still got most of them in storage!).

6. Have you kept any of your toys from childhood?

Yes, they are all in storage in our loft, I have one teddy called Henry and he’s as old as I am (38!).

7. What are your children’s favourite toys?

They are into Thomas the Tank, Paw Patrol, cars, lorries etc - they tend to have a favourite toy for a few days, and then it changes and they have a new favourite toy.

8. Do you actively limit the amount of screen time your kids have?

Yes and no - they have very limited access to their tablets (read Technology and my Kids), but they do have a TV in their play room, and they have their favourite programs that they like to watch.

9. How do you reduce plastic waste in your home? – Reusable bottles, buying wooden toys, avoiding excessive food packaging, etc.?

We recycle where we can, and we’ve now gone to loose tea (which makes a far better cup of tea).  We reuse drinks bottles, and the boys have got some wooden toys.

10. What advice would you give to parents who want to start blogging?

Go for it! But remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that it takes time to build up a following and people wanting to read your blogs.  I chat to bloggers who have been doing it for years for advice etc, as even after a year at it, I’m still a complete novice.


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