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Friday, 23 March 2018

Meet the R-D's

Hard to believe that a year ago I started my blog Winging it with two boys.

It suddenly dawned on me in all that time I have never done a proper introduction of who is who in the family!

So here it is - Meet the R-D's!!!

Hayley (aka Mummy)

I am Hayley, I'm 38 and I'm the mummy.  Before having children I used to work as a Personal Assistant.  I worked for various companies ranging from Civil Engineers, Accounts to a Recruitment Agency. 

Since having children I have given up work to be a stay at home mum.  So now I occupy myself with my blog, being Chair of the school PTA and also a school governor (and learning new things like knitting, using a sewing machine etc).

I parent with a chronic illness (ME/CFS, Osteoarthritis and Hypermobility Syndrome), so some days are a bit more challenging than others, especially as hubby works away as a lorry driver.

Alan (aka Daddy)

Alan is 37, and he's the daddy.  Before having children he was in the Territorial Army and had an office job doing internet sales.

Since having children he is now a lorry driver, and works away in his lorry Monday to Friday.  He is a keen runner too and is training for several races this year (one of which is a marathon).  You can follow his training and race progress on Instagram.

Charlie (aka The Big One)

Charlie is 4, and he's The Big One (nicknamed that as he's the oldest).  He goes to school full time in our village, and is picking up Welsh really quickly!  He loves being outdoors, and seems to be keen to run like daddy, so once the weather is better he should be able to take part in some local Park Runs with daddy.  

Charlie was a very lucky baby as he was born with a true knot in his umbilical cord on Friday 13th!

Rhys (aka The Little One)

Rhys is 3, and he's The Little One (because he's the youngest).  He is part time at school, and is in the same class as Charlie.  He loves all things Thomas the Tank, and is desperate to go and ride on Thomas and Percy.

Rhys was born with a Mongolian blue spot on the base of his spine (they are common among persons of Asian, East Indian and African decent).

Rubble (aka The Birdy)

Rubble is seven months old, and joined our family in November last year.  He is a hand tame budgie, and likes to fly around when he's out of the cage.  His favourite thing is his ball.

So that's my family!  Hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit more about us!



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