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Monday, 23 April 2018

Tattooed Mama - Sarah from DearParents101

Welcome to another Tattooed Mama and Papa Interview!  Lets meet this weeks Tattooed Mama ..........................

Tell us about yourself

Hi I’m Sarah, I am 41 from Michigan in the USA.  I am a Mom to two boys ages 6 & 8. I have a start up blog called DearParents101 on Facebook and Instagram.

How many tattoos do you have?

I have a total of eight tattoos currently. 

What was the first tattoo you got and why did you have it done ?

My very first tattoo I was 20. I chose a Sagittarius to represent my birthday. 

If you’ve got more than one tattoo which is your favourite and why?

After I had children over the past eight years I've added a Gemini sign, and Virgo sign representing my boys. Our theory is the three of us are a triangle, and if another person or family was to join with us in the future our triangle will become a strong circle. 

My oldest son was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at age 4. I got a tattoo of the autism puzzle piece to remind me and represent his progress and life successes. 

Last I chose life words. Life words are the most valued words to me, incorporating mind, body, and soul. The words tattooed on my body are:  Fierce; ( which is my favourite, though I like all my tattoos.) Respect; both giving and receiving it. Love. Loyalty. 

How do others react to your tattoos?

The reactions I have received the most to my tattoos is that I put thought into them.  

Do you regret any of your tattoos and if so why?

In do not regret getting any of my tattoos as for me they tell a story, and represent a piece of who I am.

Are you planning on getting anymore tattoos, if yes what are you planning and why?

I anticipate having two more done this coming year and then will consider my tattoos complete. I plan to get an angel wing to represent the past, present, and future; and a semi colon with a heart representing the semi colon project for overcoming both depression and anxiety, and stomping stigma of mental illness.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your tattoos?

My favourite memory for sharing my tattoos is when my boys were younger they asked if they could peel my stickers off.  We are all individuals and for me my tattoos are art, my own creativity

Since the interview Sarah has been and got inked again and is planning more to represent herself and her boys and one that represents love and happiness.  She will end up with 13 tattoos in total (our lucky number!)  absolutely love her butterfly tattoo!

You can follow Sarah on Instagram and Facebook.

Are you a Mama or a Papa with tattoos?! Want to take part in my interview series?! Then I'd love to hear from you!!


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