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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Two's company, threes a crowd

Some days I do feel like the third wheel with my two boys.

In between the arguments over who has what toy, or who is going first, they do have a really close bond.

From the moment our youngest arrived, I have watched the relationship between my two boys blossom.  As they've grown older they've grown closer together.

They are into the same things, share little jokes with each other and I am often left standing on the side line looking in on this amazing relationship they have with each other.

There are days where they do need their space from each other - they have both had to adjust to being in the same class at school.

My youngest started school in January and currently attends part time, and he joined the Nursery Class where my eldest is full time.  Once September arrives they will both be in separate classes, as my eldest will move up to Reception Class and my youngest will remain in Nursery Class but will then be full time.

As my youngest is still part time I get to have the afternoon with him, and the moment his big brother comes out from school there is hugs and kisses exchanged between the two of them.

I have seen them looking out for each other, I often hear the phrase 'No, he's my brother' when they are around other children - they are always very quick to step in and defend each other.

I am more than happy to play the third wheel to my boys.  It is lovely that they have this amazing relationship, and I hope that as they get older they will still be as close as they are now.


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