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Monday, 18 June 2018

Old Me vs New Me

I adore my boys, but I do miss the old me.

Pre children I worked full time as a Personal Assistant.  The job involved a little bit of everything, and I loved it. 

Up until falling pregnant I’d always said I’d go back to work and let hubby do the stay at home bit while I brought home the pennies.

Once I had my eldest though I changed my mind.  I wanted to stay at home.

I weighed up returning to work and paying for childcare for two children, and it just wasn’t financially viable, once I’d paid for the childcare, fuel to get to a job I wouldn’t have any wages left - so it seemed pointless going to work to just cover childcare costs.

I found it so hard watching my mum friends go back to work after having their babies, they were still having a career and being a mum.

For a while I felt left behind on the bench, everyone else was getting ahead of me while I was at home full time taking care of two children.  I wanted to be there for them and to watch them reach their milestones, but I also missed my career.

Once we relocated to Wales (back in August 2016) I felt I needed to do something with my time, especially as both boys were in school for just the mornings.

I started up my Winging It With Two Boys blog in March last year as a way of me documenting the boys lives as something for them to look back on when they’re older.

I then joined the PTA in May last year and became a Parent Governor in November last year.  

I volunteered for the role of Chair of the PTA, and it gave me a chance to use the skills I’d acquired during my working years, and filled the void of me not having my career anymore and the part of my old life I was missing - sadly the stress of trying to do everything for the PTA for a year took its toll on my health and I resigned last month.  

I am gutted, as I was there from the start of the PTA reforming at the school, but my health and my family had to come first.

I’m never one to dwell though, and I always try and turn a negative into a positive........

I now had the time to do something I’d been wanted to do from the start of the year - have my own small business.

Using my sewing machine I make handmade items, such as taggies, baby hats, toiletry bags etc

There’s no pressure on me to get stuff done as I’m my own boss, I set my working hours, and I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself.

It’s not quite the life I had pre children, but my skills are transferable, and I love that I can have a creative flare with the fabrics and designs I use.

My items will be on sale soon, so just watch this space!!


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