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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

On your fifth birthday

Half a decade old, where did that come from?!

It doesn’t seem five minutes ago, let alone five years ago that you were this 8lb 7oz baby cradled in my arms at the hospital.

You were born on a Friday, in fact Friday 13th, which proved to be very lucky for you as you were born with a true knot in your umbilical cord.

I’ve watched you go from baby, to to toddler to child in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Seen you take your first steps and heard you say your first words.

You’ve just started your second year of being full time at school, are continuing to learn Welsh, and I’m amazed at just how much you’ve learnt.

You love looking at maps, looking at where you’ve been and where you’re going.

You’re fascinated with the weather, and tell us all to be quiet when the forecast comes on the TV!

You’re obsessed with all things Thomas the Tank, Blaze, and Patrol Patrol.

You make me laugh with some of the things you say, and the faces you pull (especially your sulky pout).

According to you, everything happens when you turn twelve, like having a phone, and being allowed to walk somewhere on your own.

You’re stubborn, and like to do things a certain way.

You’re observant, and notice every tiny detail of everything you see.

You’re a kind, loving and funny little boy, who I’m proud to say is my son.

May your birthday be filled with fun, laughter, presents and your favourite thing, CAKE!!

Happy birthday Charlie Bear 


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