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Monday, 31 December 2018

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So here we are the last day of the year, where has the time gone?!  I’d love to tell you that in 2018 I managed all of my New Years Resolutions and my Eighteen things for 2018 ........

Although I didn’t manage everything I’m pleased with what I have achieved in 2018 .........

Use my camera

We decided to invest in a point and shoot camera, rather than using the bulky one that I had intended on us using, and we’ve managed to get some fab shots using it.  I recently did a phone upgrade to an iPhone 8 Plus, and the camera on it is fab, and I’ve been using it when we’ve been out and about too.

Start yoga

I didn’t manage to get going with the Yoga this year. A lack of time, fatigue and increasing pain levels have prevented me from doing this.  I’ve had a recent visit to the Chronic Pain Clinic at the hospital and in addition to my Hypermobility Syndrome, ME/CFS I’ve now also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I am starting a Chronic Pain Management program in January, which is a 10 week course which encompasses group discussion, ways of managing pain, improving sleep and guided exercise which is led by an expert.

Learn to sew

I now have two sewing machines (I started the year with none!), a designated sewing room in the house, practiced countless designs etc and in September 2018,  WIW2B shop was opened. In that time I’ve done five craft shows, and sold just over 90 items that I have handmade.  Going into 2019 I’ve already got a long list of custom orders which I am excited to start working on once the boys have returned to school. I’ll also be attending more craft fairs, and working with some other local mums who are also work from home crafter/artists with a view to us helping each other’s businesses, give support etc.

Learn welsh

Dwi’n hoffi dysgu Cymraeg!  I completed a 10 week beginners Welsh course at the start of the year, and in September I (along with a mum friend) embarked on a year long course in Welsh.  We’ve now completed the first term, and learnt lots of useful phrases, although soft mutations still elude me!

Finish my online course

I had intended on completing the Level 3 Health and Social Care Diploma I started, but after procrastinating about it, and having fallen in love with sewing, I have now enrolled to do a Dress Making and Fashion Design Diploma.  

Read more

I’ve not managed to work through the books on the bookshelf, however I do read sewing books, so technically I am reading more now.


My sewing room is semi organised does that count?  In all seriousness I still need to have a declutter and actually organise the house.

Family time

We have managed quite a few family days out this year, Folly Farm, Picton Castle, Botanic Gardens, the Gower Show, lots of walks, WWT, the beach ...... going into 2019 I’m going to renew our Botanic Garden Membership and also get a membership to the WWT in Llanelli and I’m planning lots more days out for the year.

Explore Wales

In August we took the boys to explore North Wales, we did Snowdon, castles and had a blast.  We got to explore some more of the local area too, but there’s still so much we haven’t seen (Tenby is one place I’ve been desperate to see!).

Grow my blog

In March my blog will be two! And I’m hoping to continue growing it over the next year.

Learn to crochet

This is something that I’d still love to learn, so who know maybe I’ll manage it in 2019.

Knit a big project

I came the to conclusion that I’m quicker on the sewing machine! So I’ll stick to my smaller projects.

Go to the beach more

We did make it to the beach lots of times this year, and even got to go to some beaches we’d not been to before - I’m looking forward to the better weather coming so we can get back to going to the beach.

Do more baking/cooking

I managed a bit more cooking and baking this year, and I’m hoping to make more use of the slow cooker now the cold weather is here.

Walk more

I have managed lots of walking this year, I try not to use the car where possible, and walk everywhere (even on high pain level days I still walk the boys to school).

Take the boys to Thomas Land

We went to Thomas Land over Easter 2018  and the boys absolutely loved it! In fact this year we managed a total of five train rides!!

Have more patience 

I’ll openly admit I’m not a patient person, anyone who knows me can confirm this, I’m not sure that I now have more patience, but I am trying.

Self care

This is something I still need to work on, I make sure everyone else is ok before myself.  I need to learn to say ‘no’ too.  The hospital gave me a relaxation CD which I’ve been doing in the evenings, so I’ll continue with this going into 2019.

Go to the theatre

My mum and I took the boys to the Theatre to go and see Aladdin - definitely hope to take them again in 2019.

Train the budgie

We’ve had Rubble for a year, and although the bird hasn’t learnt any new tricks (I’ve not taught it any), it loves looking at things on my phone, Facebook, instagram and Pinterest (especially scrolling the screen!).

Get through my Netflix watch list

I’ve watched quite a bit of my list, but I’ve added a load too, so I think I’ve got as much on my watch list now as I did last year.

Learn plant names

Everything in my garden is still a ‘weed’, I may as well face it, I’m never going to be green fingered!

Paint my Welsh dresser

My dresser is still unpainted, and actually I kinda like it that way (saves me painting it now!).

So that was my year, here’s hoping for a happy and healthy 2019! 



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